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Diplomatic police on spot for harassing, extorting Parkland residents

The diplomatic police in Nairobi are on the spot for flagging down, harassing and extorting money from female motorists.

Parklands residents have complained that the police have resorted to using their patrol vehicles, labelled Diplomatic police to carry out day time patrols in areas which they are not supposed to be stationed in.

“We residents of Parkland’s are now fed up with this daylight harassment and extortion of mostly Asian lady drivers along 2nd Parklands Avenue in Nairobi,” one of the residents protested in a letter to the Star.

“The vehicle belongs to the Kenya police “diplomatic police”. They park randomly at different times of the day along 2nd Parklands, 1st Parklands, Peponi road and they flag down female motorists.”

The resident said “They will then proceed to ask for all documents, pretend to inspect the vehicle and look for any tiny fault in an effort to extort some cash. A friends sister even had to M-pesa cash last week as she had no money with her in the car.”

The residents asked the inspector General of Police to order the police out of Parklands since there is no embassy on 2nd parklands.

Head of the Diplomatic Police Ambrose Mawaka regretted the incident that he said happened last Saturday.

Mawaka told the Star that he took up the matter after it was posted on social media.

“I carried out investigations and summoned the driver who was caught on camera. However, its sad that no one has come to complain. The officer alleges that he flagged down the motorist and advised her not to talk on phone while driving,” Mawaka said.

He said that – that was the police officers version and that they need to hear from the complainant.

“Justice will abort if the complainant doesn’t come. I advise that the lady who send MPesa can come to my office or visit the IPOA and the NPSC offices and make a complaint. There will be no victimization,” he said.

Mawaka added he is aware of rogue officers within the department and that there is a day an Indian man complained of harassment and he interdicted the officers who harassed him.

“We cannot defend rogue and wayward officers. If they are rotten, they have to leave the service. Its shameful for the police to harass motorists and I know some of these officers have no sense of guilt and conscience. They are inhumane and shameless. Please report them so that we take action,” Mawaka said.

Source: THE STAR

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