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Ancelotti: Guardiola’s City players need time to adapt..but he can deal with the Premier League

Bayern Munich manager Carlo Ancelotti insists Pep Guardiola’s struggles at Manchester City this season stem from his players’ lack of familiarity with his methods.

The Italian, who replaced the Catalan coach at the Bundesliga champions after he had won three doubles in consecutive seasons, says it will take time for Guardiola’s approach to sink in.

The 46-year-old has lost five times in 22 Premier League matches already in his debut campaign, despite a superb start, but Ancelotti believes he is not struggling to adapt to the division.

“Whatever problems he may have, I think stem from the adjustment of working with guys he has never worked with before, getting them to come around to his way of thinking and getting to the point where they really get the full benefit of his approach. That takes time.

” I think that’s much more of an issue than him having to adapt to the Premier League.”

Ancelotti also revealed it has been similar for him after arriving at Bayern.

“To get the benefit of Guardiola, players have to adapt to him. It’s the same for me here at Bayern. The players have to get used to me and it has cost us at times. When I think back to some of the goals we’ve given up on the break..why, it’s enough to drive you insane.”

The job in Germany has also not been without its difficulties for the former Real Madrid and AC Milan manager, despite taking over such a talented squad.

And Ancelotti believes in many ways it has been harder than coming in to a struggling club.

“I think it’s actually more difficult to come to a club where everything is going great and everyone is happy,” Ancelotti says. “When you take over from a guy who has been sacked because things weren’t going well, it’s more straightforward.

“Everyone, from the players to the club officials expects change. And it’s vital for you to go and make sweeping changes. Plus, people will be patient, because rebuilding takes time.

“So it’s not just about Pep being a hard act to follow,” he adds. “It’s about knowing what to change and tweak. It’s a question of details.

“And realising that you don’t necessarily change things because you think they’re wrong or because you think they can be improved. But rather changing details to fit into the way you work. It’s not easy, because this team had such a clear identity under Pep.”



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