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Black man thrown out of restaurant because DONALD TRUMP is president now

–  A restaurant owner in the U.S. used Donald Trump’s win to insult African Americans

– He allegedly told customers to get out of his place, while launching racial slurs at them

– The case is under investigation by police

A young African American has presented a delicate claim against a restaurant in Annville, Pennsylvania, where he was supposedly insulted with racial remarks by the locale’s owner.

“N******, get out – Trump’s president now, so I can say what I want,” the man told Ricky Lee Bugg, while he was eating at the place, called Just Wing.

The man apparently made all the African Americans who were dining leave the restaurant. Bugg has accused him of launching a series of verbal racial slurs. “I own three restaurants and I don’t need you n***ers’ money,” the man allegedly said.

Bugg did admit he got very angry at the incident, and knocked several chairs down on his way out of the restaurant.

When he demanded his money back, the cashier agreed but she apparently also voiced support to her boss’s racist words.

The incident is being investigated by police, and according to Bugg’s sister, who wrote about the whole episode on Facebook, authorities said it was not the first time Just Wings’s owner had expressed similar remarks on other occasions.

Destiny Bugg’s Facebook post has gone viral, prompting many angry remarks at the incident. The owner of Just Wing has not made any reply with regard to the accusations against him.


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