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Kenyan Man in Worcester, Massachusetts Charged with Stealing Credit Card, Jewelry, and BB Gun from Cars

A trail of footprints in fresh snow led Worcester police to a man they say stole jewelry, a BB gun and a credit card from cars near Ockway Street and Pine Hill Drive.

A resident saw the footprints leading to her car and her neighbors’ cars around 4 a.m. Tuesday morning, as a few inches of snow fell on the region. She also saw a man wearing a gray jacket with a hood and a backpack, walking away from Pine Hill Drive, police said in a statement.

“Police responded and observed fresh footprints in the snow leading to driveways and vehicles of several houses in the area Ockway Street, Pine Hill Road, and Waban Ave. Police followed these footprints which eventually led them through a short wooded pathway and out onto Grafton Street,” the statement said.


After following more footsteps, police found Erick Mwangi, 18, of Worcester. He was wearing a gray jacket with the hood up and a backpack, police said.

“Mwangi admitted that he had looked into several cars in the neighborhood,” police said. “A search of Mwangi produced an amount of loose change, several gift cards, a BB gun, a gold ring, earrings and a credit card in the name of another individual.”

Police contacted the owner of the card, who lived a short distance away on Waban Avenue.

There, police found fresh footprints near a car and saw its driver’s side door was ajar, the statement said.

The owner reported that the credit card and a gold ring were missing from the car. Police said they returned the items to the victim.

Mwangi is being charged with breaking and entering into a vehicle in the nighttime and receiving stolen property over $250.


Source: Masslive

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