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Google’s Pixel XL 2 Needs These 10 Features

Google’s Pixel XL was comfortably the best phone of 2016. But will the Pixel XL 2 claim the same title?

It could do, but first, it needs to up its game in a few areas. If you’ve got any additions to this list below, let me know in the comments.

Improved Google Assistant

Goodwill towards Assistant slowly waned as it moved further away from the ‘shiny new thing’. Whilst it’s genuinely useful in certain situations (setting reminders and hands-free Google searches), it still needs tweaking.

Firstly, making it possible to adjust settings with a voice command would be huge. Imagine dimming the display’s brightness or changing notification profile with a few words. Secondly, ordering food, taxis or general shopping would bring it closer to being an actual assistant.

Front facing speakers

Bring the front facing speakers back, please. Far too often when I’m holding my Pixel XL horizontally I end up obscuring the speakers with my palm. Front facing speakers on the Nexus 6P provided better sound distribution because they were aimed at you.

Source: Forbes

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