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Vanity Fair Features Lupita Nyong’o Among Other Stars.

Help us, Obi-Wan Kenobi—you’re our only hope,” went the distress call beamed from Earth into the distant heavens after the election of Donald Trump, but no answer or hope has been forthcoming.

Carrie Fisher, whose Princess Leia summoned Obi-Wan at the beginning of Star Wars, died in late December; the next day her mother, Debbie Reynolds, one of the last vibrant links to the classic MGM of commissaries and contract players, died, possibly from a stroke—two generations of stardom, two Hollywood eras, laid to rest in 2016’s final coup de grâce. Witty to the end (and beyond), Fisher exited this world with her cremation ashes preserved in a giant Prozac pill.

The perfect symbol: a giant Prozac is what we’d all like to pop right about now.

Movies, with their cultural ESP, sensed the disturbance in the Force in 2016. The films represented by the superlative actresses in this year’s Hollywood Portfolio offer intimate studies of resilience, pluck, faded glory, and the everyday heroics of forging ahead against backward pressure.

Even the seemingly happy-go-lucky dancing-romancing La La Land, which tucked away seven Golden Globes, has melancholy weighing in the background. Movies have always thrived on adversity (the Depression, Vietnam, Watergate), and there’ll be no shortage of that on tap in the fight ahead. So: Heroines, assemble!

Source. Vanity Fair

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