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Alshabaab Sympathizer Aden Duale’s Pedestrian Outbursts CANNOT STAND The Test Of Leadership

The time has come for Jubilee to agree to own up or ship out.

When the lives, dignity and property of Kenyans are at risk as is the case with the doctors’ strike, Kenyans look up to the one institution that sums up the totality of the Kenya nation and that is the presidency.

The reason the country has a ministry of health headquarters in Nairobi and indeed the reason Kenya has a president that towers over governors and a national government that towers over county governments is the agreement that a time comes when we have to overcome regional and similar separations and look up to a higher and bigger authority to save us from our problems.

If Uhuru Kenyatta and Jubilee government has surrendered that mandate and responsibility, they must immediately let Kenyans know, disband the ministry of health and transfer all funds to counties to deal with health matters.

We are in this crisis because Jubilee is holding onto billions of shillings meant for county governments to manage health sector. If indeed Jubilee believes this is a county crisis, those monies must immediately be release to governors to help them manage the crisis.

Blaming Raila Odinga and the grand coalition government will not wash. Jubilee was under no obligation to inherit what the Grand coalition initiated. It is fraud for Jubilee to adopt and claim credit for what Raila Odinga initiated like the SGR then blame him when the same regime fails to actualise what they inherited from Mr Odinga.

Claims by Mr Aden Duale that the CBA was created by Odinga only goes to confirm that Jubilee was not ready to govern and that Mr Odinga shoes are too big for the entire Jubilee to fill.

Source: Daily Post

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