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Angry voters await MPs in August poll

Almost half of MPs will be looking for a job in September, victims of voter fury, according to a new poll.

The situation is worse in Jubilee areas, where dissatisfaction is at its highest. And defectors had better prepare for the worst because voters believe they quit their parties in pursuit of selfish interests.

In a survey of 2,057 Kenyans between January 9 and 26, the polling company Ipsos Kenya, reported that 42 per cent of those polled said the sitting MP is “not likely” to be re-elected, 39 per cent opined that it was “very likely” that their MPs will be re-elected while 19 per cent were not sure.

Voters are most unhappy in Jubilee strongholds with 46 per cent of Jubilee supporters saying they didn’t think their MPs will make it back, 39 per cent saying they will and 15 per cent not sure.

On the other political neck of the woods, MPs from Nasa leaning areas can afford a small sigh of relief — 43 per cent of their voters think they will be re-elected, 37 per cent think the legislators will be booted out and 19 per cent are not sure.

It is a very bad time to be a n MP in central Kenya where voters are steaming with fury — a full 60 per cent do not expect their MPs to come back.

Source: Nation

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