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Eldoret North Mp William Ruto .photo Elkana Jacob

Ruto’s leadership style has created many enemies

THERE are three reasons why all the political artillery is aimed at Deputy President William Ruto.

First, there is his style of leadership that does not endear him to the people. The way he dismisses people, for instance. When you dismiss somebody like Raila Odinga, who controls half of Kenyans, you offend very many people indeed.

And so you don’t make friends, you make enemies. The way Ruto talks about other leaders in a derogatory manner is completely off-putting. Ni kama kuwadharau.

That is bad. It doesn’t endear you. So then you represent everything that is wrong with Jubilee.

Number Two, people associate the DP with corruption more than anybody else: Rightly or wrongly. I have always said everybody is corrupt. Why Ruto? Because Ruto is a newcomer. He is a gatecrasher.

But the people are also beginning to wake up to the reality that Ruto can be the President of this country. Many are asking, Can Ruto really be my President? You know, the Ruto who was hated before the 2013 elections is now becoming such a reality that, if Jubilee wins, then chances of his becoming President in 2022 are really high.

I have no problem with him, but the people are asking these questions. Even the Kikuyus only accepted him because that was the only route Jubilee could win and subsequently deal with the ICC Question.

For Kanu to say that they are supporting Uhuru and not Ruto, it seems they are hiding something. I actually think it’s a euphemism for actually saying they don’t support Jubilee. But they don’t want to come out in the open. Soon, it will be clear. I also believe strongly that the CCM is a bridge that will allow people to cross from Jubilee to NASA. CCM is not a party, it’s just a bridge.

Why Kanu and CCM are biding their time is because the ground is still Jubilee. And they are hoping that, in the fullness of time, the NASA wave will have caught up with the whole country and that, at that particular point, they will cross over.

It is in Gideon’s interests that Jubilee loses. It means that you must throw out both Ruto and Uhuru.

Gideon can only rise if Ruto is not there. And for Ruto not to be there, Jubilee has to lose.

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