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[Video] The NOBLE way Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko decided to celebrate his birthday

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko recently turned 42 years

Sonko, who is renown for his flamboyant ways, chose a rather unique way of celebrating a new year In his life

He decided to step in for the striking doctors albeit on a smaller scale

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko went out of his way in celebrating his 42nd birthday by holding a free medical camp for the less fortunate in Nairobi.

The camp, courtesy of Mike Sonko, has been in operations for the past one week, and provided for the perfect way for him to celebrate his birthday-with the less fortunate.

Tens of Kenyans in the camp took the opportunity to interact with the Senator, while also enjoying free medical services. Sonko himself seemed to be having quite the lovely time.

Despite all the pomp, Sonko had a serious message for striking doctors.

 He urged the KMPDU officials to speed up negotiations and kill off the strike which has entered its third month once and for all.
His seemingly noble gesture earned him numerous praise on social media.


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