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Police helicopter comes CRASHING down on woman’s house

The officer flying the helicopter said he crashed because of bad weather

A woman from Uganda and her two children were left without a home after a police helicopter crashed into the roof of her house

Thankfully nobody was injured when the helicopter came crashing down

The police will take full responsibility for the damage they caused to her house

A family from Nakawa, Uganda, was left without a home after a helicopter crashed into their house, absolutely destroying the roof.

Police helicopter comes CRASHING down on woman's house (photos)

The police bring their apology to the woman for the accident

Ms Nampijja, the owner of the house, recalls the terrifying experience when the helicopter crashed onto her roof.

Nampiija noticed the helicopter was flying very low and was coming closer and closer to her house. She immediately ran toward her home because her children were there.

However, Nampijja and her two children did not make it out of the house when the helicopter came crashing down.

“We had not yet moved out when the helicopter blew off the roof. We cannot tell what had happened to the chopper,” said Nampijja.

Nobody was hurt during the accident. However, her house was robbed that very night by opportunistic thieves.

A spokesperson for the police stated: “I have come with our officers from our engineering unit to examine what needs to be done to repair this house. It was our helicopter and we cannot deny that.”


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