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[Video] Kenyans watch as police EXECUTE suspects in broad daylight

The suspect lies on the ground awaiting his fate, his accomplice had already been shot dead

The video record three men dressed casually firing shots at two men as a crowd mills to watch the daylight drama

On of the men, dressed loosely in jeans and a tee shirt is lying on the tarmac in obvious surrender


A video that has been shared online shows plain clothed men believed to be police officers executing a suspected robber in Eastleigh, Nairobi.

The amateur video was shared online by a visibly shaken passenger who recorded the happenings on her mobile phone.

In the video, one of the armed men fires three shots before handing the gun to his colleague who is dressed in a pair of jeans and a red polo shirt.

The suspect is on the ground arms outstretched in an obvious gesture of surrender. The armed man then circles him, like a vulture would. He then jacks the pistol and fires shots into the man’s back. Two shots and you can see the man’s body spasm from the impact.

The suspect is shot dead. He was part of the dreaded Gaza gang that has terrorized and ravaged Eastleigh 

Despite the fact that hundreds of shaken Kenyans are standing by the roadside witnessing the horror before them, the man proceeds to execute the suspect who is whimpering on the ground.

He circles the man again who can be seen writhing on the ground. There is a visible shimmer of scarlet. Obviously, the suspect is bleeding badly.

The man with the pistol then proceeds to empty more rounds into the mans head. The suspect twitches for a few seconds then goes still.

He is dead. The man who was shot is believed to have been a member of the dreaded Gaza gang that has petrified and robbed many a Kenyans in Eastleigh. The head of the unit that killed the two thugs spoke to on phone.

He revealed that the unit, Pangani 9, were hunting for the gang that had killed an MCA and a police officer in Kayole. Police from the Embakasi area had been bribed by the gang making it impossible for the gang to be stopped. The Pangani 9 were chosen to eliminate the gang because they were always freed anytime they got arrested.



Watch the video below. Viewer discretion is advised.

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