Friday , November 17 2017
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Video of a goat eating another in Garissa stuns Kenya

Goat eating another in Garissa

Sometimes, things happen and they knock you off the rail, like a goat eating another one

This bizarre event has happened in Garissa leaving many stunned 


The event which can only be described as bizzare and out of this world happened at the Garissa Livestock Market.

Now fasten you seat belt because this is one stomach churning story. The residents were left with their mouths agape after they stumbled on a goat eating the most unusual ‘food’.

They were shocked to find the goat eating another one! The goat which looked a bit emaciated was feasting on the carcass of one of its own almost bringing the entire market to a standstill.

Nobody could explain the chilling incident and many were left scratching their heads, even as they recorded the event on their phones.


Now, here is the video!



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