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Don’t cry over Jubilee ticket, you will beat Kamanda, KOT tells Jaguar

Jaguar cries at Jubilee headquarters when he was reportedly asked to negotiate with Starehe MP Maina Kamanda over the party ticket, April 29, 2017. /COURTESY
Kenyans on Twitter on Sunday asked musician Charles Njagua not to cry after losing the Jubilee ticket to Starehe MP Maina Kamanda.

Njagua popularly known as Jaguar cried on Saturday after it was reported that he was going to be forced to negotiate with the incumbent for the Starehe seat.

Jubilee officials last week declared Kamanda as winner with 10,374 votes, while Jaguar lost with 8,391 votes.

Party secretary general Raphael Tuju said the nominations will be repeated after Jaguar’s supporters protested at the headquarters.

The musician was seen shedding tears and quickly wiping them off repeatedly at the Jubilee party headquarters on Saturday.

His supporters kept on urging him not to negotiate with Kamanda who he claimed rigged the Jubilee primaries.

One of Jaguar’s supporters weep over Jubilee primary row at the party headquarters, April 29, 2017. /COURTESY


Via Twitter, Kenyans displayed their displeasure at the incumbent with others telling Jaguar not to give up.

“Go independent. Wipe your tears and fight. That old man can’t make you feel defeated. Go Independent and win. #Starehe,” Alen wex‏ said.

Thiongo Mugo‏ said, “You deserve it, buddy it’s just matter of time God will turn your mourning into dancing. Don’t give up.”

But other users told Jaguar to allow Kamanda take the seat and face it off with aspirant Boniface Mwangi.

“@RealJaguarKenya You cannot cry your way to an election victory. Take a break, man up, grow some muscles, come back and fight! No surrender,” Michael Murumba‏ said.

Free Mind said, “@RealJaguarKenya what have you invested in the party? Maybe nothing apart from the nomination fee… Kamanda is equal to @JubileePartyK.”

“@JubileePartyK give @RealJaguarKenya his certificate he won to face it out with @bonifacemwangi who will beat him without a drop of tears,” Kasuti Nabibia said.

Earlier, Jaguar refused to negotiate with Maina Kamanda on the winner of the Starehe MP Jubilee polls.

Jaguar at the Jubilee Party headquarters, April 29, 2017. /COURTESY


“We don’t want negotiations … I will not sit down with anyone and will not go back to the elections again. I am not ready to talk to him (Kamanda). Democracy is not about negotiation,” Jaguar said.

Kamanda had earlier said he was ready to dialogue with the musicians.

During the primaries, there were reports that Jaguar was tipped to win the Jubilee ticket.



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